• What do you mean by real-time?

    Real-time in this context means that the quizzes run at the same time for everyone, like a live event. Quiz Show quizzes are host-driven and time-bound. Once the quiz is hosted and the results are announced, players cannot join it anymore.

  • Where will I get the questions from?

    Whether you use Quiz Show for employee training or for marketing, the idea is to give you complete freedom with content to connect with your audience. So you create your own questions

  • Do questions need to have 4 options?

    No. Each Q&A or poll can have 2-8 options.

  • What is a ‘knowledge card’?

    Knowledge cards is space for you to give your players more information after a question. You can use text and media to share on these cards. Knowledge cards are optional and you can use them for selective questions. They also offer good space for advertising if required.

  • What customizations can I do?

    Almost everything! All the content on the quiz is yours. Timing and points for each question is your. Branding is yours. We offer themes and can also create custom ones for your brand on request (contact us!). There is also room to tweak player experience while creating a quiz.

  • How to create a quiz?

    You first create a question bank where you put all the questions for your quiz. Next, setup a custom theme for your quiz. With question bank and theme setup, you can now create a quiz!

  • How do I host the quiz?

    Once you’ve created a quiz, the ‘Host Quiz’ button becomes visible. At the scheduled time for the quiz, the button to start quiz will light up and you can host it from there. The quiz is host-controlled. Hence, you are in full control of the player experience, taking them from one question to the next. There is the option to host the quiz automatically, but you still need to fire up the host panel and start the quiz, after which it will run automatically based on the timer for each question. Note: As host, you cannot start the quiz before the scheduled time. You can start it at the scheduled time or anytime after that.

  • What if a player joins a quiz after I’ve started it?

    Unless blocked in settings by the host, a player can join a quiz after it has started (before it is over). Since quiz is live, the player cannot play the questions that have already been played (will be given 0 points for those questions), but will join the quiz from the question that everyone else is playing.

  • How can we make it more engaging for players?

    The format and design of Quiz Show is very engaging for players. Keeping the questions interesting, using media where possible, sharing more information with knowledge cards, and giving good prizes are few ways to keep your players more involved.

  • What if a question takes more time to think?

    Time allotted to players per question is customizable. So depending on the question, you can give less or more time to players.

  • What if I want to keep 1 winner for my quiz and not 3?

    While creating a quiz, you can specify the number of winners for the quiz. You can announce only 1 winner for the quiz but can choose to display names and scores of as many top scorers from the quiz.

  • How will I tell the winners what they’ve won?

    While creating a quiz, you’ll be asked the number of winners (mandatory) and message for winners (optional). You can use the space message for winners to tell winners what they’ve won and/or how they will get it. The specified number of winners see a banner that tells them they’ve won and the message.

  • How do I invite my players to play a quiz?

    Once you create a quiz, we generate a link that you need to simply share with your players. They can then login and play the quiz.

  • What if my player is playing on a shared computer?

    In that case, there is a chance that the quiz is automatically signed in for the player who used that computer last to play a quiz (unless they logged out). If you foresee this problem, you can enforce login for every quiz from ‘Settings’.

  • Which browsers and devices are you compatible with?

    We're compatible on at least last 20 versions of all browsers except IE.We're compatible on all devices - computers, tablets and phones. We've never faced an issue with any Android device. For Apple, we're optimized for iPhone 6 and up, but apart from minor UI differences, the app works fine on older devices too.

  • Do the players need to have access to the internet to play the quiz?

    Yes, they do. The app is efficient making the internet requirement nominal - 3G is sufficient.

  • Do I need to download anything?

    No. The application is browser-based. Hosts and players don’t need to download anything. However, if you wish, you can pin the app on your phone.

  • How many players can play a quiz in real-time?

    We can accommodate more than 100,000 players for a quiz.

  • What environment are you hosted on?

    We're using Google Cloud. We have a scalable architecture, hence you don't have to bear any fixed cost for hosting. You only pay for running the quizzes.

  • What all data can I get after the quiz is over?

    As hosts, you’ll get access to login details of all players, their response on every question, time taken and lifelines used. You’ll also see question-wise statistics. If you create a set of quizzes, you’ll get to see player performance across quizzes with a leaderboard and graphs to assess the performance of all players. We’re soon adding a feature where you can tag each question. You will be able to see tag-wise performance to evaluate knowledge of each tag.

  • Can I divide a quiz into several topics to make training more effective?

    Yes, you can use tags which will allow you to group questions based on topics and see useful data analysis.

  • How can I track performance across quizzes?

    If you’re using Quiz Show for training and wish to see the performance of the same people across multiple quizzes, you can do so by creating quizzes in a quiz set. As and when a quiz within a quiz set is played, you will be able to see performance across quizzes.

  • What if I don’t use up all my player credits in a quiz?

    You don’t have to use up all your credits in one quiz. You can create as many quizzes. Each player on a quiz is 1 player credit. If X plays Quiz 1 and Quiz 2, it will cost you 2 credits.

  • What if your pricing packages are not working for me?

    contact us and we’ll come up with a custom package based on your requirement.